Hydraulic Platform for 3 jetski

Customer problem

Explanation customer problem:

Customer wants a hydraulic platform for 3 jet skis on a 20 year old Majora 20S

KB Marine solution

Our solution with an approach:

After lengthy calculations and studies, we decided to use an FA platform. HB Technics, Bremen.

This can lift 1200 KG including the platform. We have the rear wall of the ship with 8 mm armor steel, angled twice and glued with epoxy and screwed on counter plates. The construction itself was made of seawater resistant aluminum. Total length of the platform 3.75M

  • The work was carried out within one month
  • The biggest challenge was to keep the waterline due to the changed weights and to keep the platform afloat while driving.
  • Total costs including hydraulics € 55,000
  • Even at full throttle above 24 knots, the platform remains stable and waves cannot harm it. Favorite place of the dog

Conversion 1 into 2

Customer problem

Explanation customer problem:

The customer had bought a fuselage with an engine from a self-builder that had given up after 20 years.

A steel ship with 24 tons and 15 meters and a motor of 50 HP on a large shaft.

It was of course completely underpowered. However, the place was not suitable for a larger engine, also the engine compartment is too small

KB Marine solution

We removed the old motor and dismantled the attachments to bring it through the deckhouse door.

Then we redesigned the engine compartment and installed 2 engines with 75 HP each without changing the structure of the boat.

  • The removal and conversion took about 3 weeks
  • appropriate circuit / control was found
  • Cost including engine circuit modification 35,000 €
  • The boat makes 9 knots speed and with one machine we get a good 5 Knots

Exhaust modified and renewed

Customer problem:

The turbochargers of the CAT Marine Diesel unit were always damaged on the exhaust side after a short standstill. We were able to determine that due to the exhaust system

a.) the cooled exhaust pipe had rusted through in some small places. Therefore, sea water could run back into the exhaust hose before being injected.

b.) the exhaust pipe had no zinc anode

c.) The curvature was too flat and therefore there was a risk that salt water could reach the turbos even when the motors were standing still due to wave movements

KB Marine solution:

We redesigned the exhaust, welded it with better 316 stainless steel, tightened the curvature, and installed a zinc anode.

  • Time spent a week
  • Flanges had to be turned
  • Total price incl. De / assembly 2650 €
  • Since then no problem with turbos. The revision of a turbo for these models costs 1650 €. Before customers came to us they were overhauled twice.

Dashboard modernizing

Customer problem:

A 30 year old yacht with old instruments should be brought up to date technically and optically.

But without destroying the original line and optically fitting into the renovated interior.

KB Marine solution:

We removed the instruments completely, left out unnecessary or out of function, renewed plotter, autopilot, radio.

We have reworked the original wooden construction with lacquered aluminum sandwich panels.

The instruments installed sensibly and optically more modern

  • Time spent a week
  • Some of the wiring had to be completely replaced
  • Total price including new instruments € 13,500
  • Fits perfectly into the overall picture, is functional and up to date

ALU Platform for steel Atlantic displacers

Customer problem

Explanation customer problem:

The customer wanted a platform that served as a hull extension and buoyancy at the same time.

KB Marine solution

Our solution with approach:

We analyzed the situation and decided to build an aluminum platform with a foam core.

This platform can easily carry the weight of a dinghy or 4 people, waves from the stern and swap into the sea are no problem

  • The work was carried out within 6 weeks
  • The biggest challenge was the connection of the aluminum platform and the steel fuselage
  • Total costs € 20,000
  • The driving characteristics have improved and the platform is a nice place for everyone on board