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Customer problem

Explanation customer problem:

The customer had bought a fuselage with an engine from a self-builder that had given up after 20 years.

A steel ship with 24 tons and 15 meters and a motor of 50 HP on a large shaft.

It was of course completely underpowered. However, the place was not suitable for a larger engine, also the engine compartment is too small

KB Marine solution

We removed the old motor and dismantled the attachments to bring it through the deckhouse door.

Then we redesigned the engine compartment and installed 2 engines with 75 HP each without changing the structure of the boat.

  • The removal and conversion took about 3 weeks
  • appropriate circuit / control was found
  • Cost including engine circuit modification 35,000 €
  • The boat makes 9 knots speed and with one machine we get a good 5 Knots
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