Exhaust modified and renewed

Customer problem:

The turbochargers of the CAT Marine Diesel unit were always damaged on the exhaust side after a short standstill. We were able to determine that due to the exhaust system

a.) the cooled exhaust pipe had rusted through in some small places. Therefore, sea water could run back into the exhaust hose before being injected.

b.) the exhaust pipe had no zinc anode

c.) The curvature was too flat and therefore there was a risk that salt water could reach the turbos even when the motors were standing still due to wave movements

KB Marine solution:

We redesigned the exhaust, welded it with better 316 stainless steel, tightened the curvature, and installed a zinc anode.

  • Time spent a week
  • Flanges had to be turned
  • Total price incl. De / assembly 2650 €
  • Since then no problem with turbos. The revision of a turbo for these models costs 1650 €. Before customers came to us they were overhauled twice.
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