Hydraulic Platform for 3 jetski

Customer problem

Explanation customer problem:

Customer wants a hydraulic platform for 3 jet skis on a 20 year old Majora 20S

KB Marine solution

Our solution with an approach:

After lengthy calculations and studies, we decided to use an FA platform. HB Technics, Bremen.

This can lift 1200 KG including the platform. We have the rear wall of the ship with 8 mm armor steel, angled twice and glued with epoxy and screwed on counter plates. The construction itself was made of seawater resistant aluminum. Total length of the platform 3.75M

  • The work was carried out within one month
  • The biggest challenge was to keep the waterline due to the changed weights and to keep the platform afloat while driving.
  • Total costs including hydraulics € 55,000
  • Even at full throttle above 24 knots, the platform remains stable and waves cannot harm it. Favorite place of the dog
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