KB-Marine is your "ONE STOP" shipyard for boat work. Here you will find a small extract from our portfolio. Of course we can do a lot more because WE BUILD BOATS. If it's a boat, we can fix it.

When you order a job from us, you get full cost transparency. With us, every work step is documented by photo and you can view the list of completed work on your personal account at any time. But not only who has worked, when and how long is listed transparently, the consumables are also documented. Just as you are used to from the car repair shop you trust.


Engine service and general overhaul for your engine.We only use original spare parts. All work is carried out strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

We regularly overhaul engines from the following brands:

  • Man
  • MTU
  • Cat
  • Mercedes
  • Volvo
  • Iveco
  • Yanmar

any other brands and "Exotic” motors are welcome and bring great joy to our mechanic!"


You can get the full service package for your boat from us if you want.

We offer:

  • Electrical work (guaranteed suitable for sea water)
  • Any kind of epoxy work
  • Metal work from preservation to repair to the exchange of corroded parts.
  • Welding work in aluminum and steel
  • Carpentry work for inside and outside
  • Painting work of any kind. No matter whether antifouling or your hull needs a high gloss finish.


Whether in gelcoat or special marine paints from laminate to finished painting.


Your tailor-made dream yacht can soon set sail with you.

We can build your dream yacht according to your plans. Regardless of whether you only need a hull and you are confident of finishing it yourself , or whether you only want to receive your turnkey yacht.

We are your partner!

From the welder to the electrician to the rigger, we have all the specialist staff on site and do not have to rely on subcontractors.


If you have your diesel in the tank for too long, bacteria can clog your fuel lines. In the worst case, this leads to the total failure of your drive. In a critical situation, this can also lead to total loss of the boat.

Electronics / ELECTRICS

One of the most important jobs on the boat.

We only use marine certified materials and work according to the regulations of Germanischer Lloyds.

A good energy management, spares the batteries and minimizes generator hours.

Shaft seals

Also an important element on your boat

We only use marine certified materials and work according to the regulations of Germanischer Lloyds.

We are also happy to replace your old stuffing box with a modern, maintenance-free version, e.g. PSS

Hardtop construction

We build your individually designed hardtop, with or without photovoltaics.

In aluminum, fiberglass, sandwich materials.


We also offer curved glass panes.

We replace plexiglass with laminated safety real glass.