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General Conditions

KB Marine Group doo ( Limited Liability Company ) act under Slovenian Law, all claims have to be issued to the for KB Marine Group doo, local, responsible court. All Companies within the EU have to provide a valid Vat Identification number, otherwise Vat have to be charge to the Invoice.

All offers are issued without VAT. Depending on the Tax Situation of the final Invoice recipient, VAT will be added to the Invoice. Proforma Invoices ( for down payments ) do not include VAT.

If not otherwise in written form agreed, prior to the initiation of work or ordering parts 50% of the offered amount have to be paid in advance. Ones the down payment is done the acceptance of the order is confirmed, material will be ordered after the down payment is valid on the accounts of KB Marine Group doo. KB Marine Group can not be held responsible for delays of parts from any suppliers. If the boat / yacht / vessel is in the custody of KB Marine Group doo, the boat / yacht / vessel will not be transported into the water until the full amount of the invoices are paid. In case works are conducted in any other space, the boat / Yacht / vessel is not allowed to leave that place without full payment of the invoices. All Material, works etc. will remain in the possession, ownership of KB Marine Group until Invoices fully paid. A lien on the boat / ship / watercraft in favor of KB Marine doo to secure KB Marine’s claims against the client / owner is deemed to have been agreed

Offers are just an indication and subject to change during the work process if additional expenses, works, cost are necessary. KB Marine Group doo is insured with 500.000 € liability insurance, if by the client requested this amount can be raised for his project on his expenses. This General Conditions are automatically valid unless KB Marine receives a written contradiction prior to initiation of any works, or ordering of parts.

Warranty works will be only conducted in our Shipyard in Izola, Expenses for craning or hard Standing has to be covered by the Yacht owner. If warranty works will be conducted out of Izola, expenses of traveling and accommodation has to be covered by the Yacht owner, too.